Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This week the church announced a new temple to be built in Payson. Most who read this already know it, but I'm excited. It is only 4.8 miles from my house. How lucky is that?! So...that's how I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life this week- well, in many people's lives. This is the spot- about a mile behind Wal Mart

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Life of a Parent

I keep thinking, "I don't have anything interesting to write about... no pictures... any of that." But of course, as I ponder the days, I always can find something to be grateful for, so this is what I thought of this week:

This past week, the past few weeks actually, we've been having some struggles with one of our children... So, we've been having problems with honesty- trying to decieve the teacher ( I'll admit in very clever ways), losing the temper...etc. As a parent its been very frustrating. We've had lots of lectures... talk, talk, talk ( a lot of good that does) and quite a few punishments (I'm not sure if that has done any good either). Lately I feel like I'm constantly punishing and not uplifting him like I should- bad mom.

Anyway, the other night we had a nice little conversation- just this child and me (I'm sure no one can guess who this is). During our conversation I asked him what I was doing wrong as a mom and how I could help him. He said, "It's not you Mom, its me. The devil just tempts me to lie, and I just do it... I think I might need a blessing." We decided that was a great idea, something I hadn't thought of. The next day his dad gave him a blessing.

So far things have been better; I hope and pray that this has just been a phase that is going to pass. My mom always tells me when I'm complaining to her, "And this too shall pass..." But what if it doesn't?!!

Anyway, I'm grateful for a good boy who wants to do what right despite his temptations, and for his and his dad's faith. I think things will turn out with God's help.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Value the Differences

A while ago I was going through some boxes. I found some slips of paper from my bridal shower. On each paper was a piece of marriage advise from someone there at the shower- such as "don't go to bed angry"... Then I came to one that said, "Value the differences". I thought, "I really like that one; who said that?" and on the back of the paper was my name- it was written in my handwriting. So- there you go, I gave myself some marriage advise before I was married. I knew then that Tavish and I were very different- which is why I love him. But I also knew that it could cause some conflict at times- which it does (every once in a while), which brings me to our conflict last night...

Last night Tavish and I had a little tiff- a little argument. It was actually really stupid, about the dinner I made... I'll spare you the details because you would only hear my point of veiw (I was right of course), and poor Tav couldn't defend himself. Anyway, we were arguing... at the dinner table and Andrew said, "Are you arguing? Don't argue. I want to eat my dinner in peace and quiet! You should argue when we are asleep." Don't ask me where he got all of that.

So, to make a long story a little shorter- Tav got over any bad feelings he may have had really quickly, but I didn't. That's always how it is with us. He just forgets about things, and I keep it inside me and let it fester... getting more and more angry. It was time for family night, and I just thought, "Ughh- I don't want to do family night with him." It was my turn to pick the song and Sara said, "We can do the I love Daddy song." Ha- very funny- I told her I didn't feel like singing that one. Anyway- Tavish gave the lesson, and I started to cool down. He gave a very sweet lesson, then we read some of his poetry he wrote on his mission. His lessons are always so different than mine, and I always wonder how he thinks of the things he does. So, throughout family night the advise I gave myself years ago came to my mind: Value the Differences. By the end of the night my bad feelings were gone- good thing too because It's hard to sleep next to someone that you're mad at!

So today I'm grateful for God's little gentle reminders in times of need (I needed it). I'm grateful for my sweet husband and our differences, and I'm grateful for sweet kids who remind me how I should be.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Extraordinary People

Today I played the organ at a funeral for a great lady. I'll admit that is was pretty stressful for me- I feel so inadequate playing for so many people at such a serious and somber time- everyone quietly listening... but I love this lady and will do it for her, even though I'm not so good at it. Her name is Clara, and she was over the music in our ward; she always encouraged me to practice and learn the correct way to play the organ. He He- sorry Clara, I hope you didn't notice all of my mistakes :)

Clara had many trials in her life. She had 7 children and took in 2 more. Her husband and 2 of her children died of Huntington's disease, and there are more who currently have it. I didn't really know what that was until I moved here and met her family. It's a yucky horrible disease- full of suffering. She's cared for many people in her life. What makes her great is that despite her many trials in life, she was very strong and faithful. In fact, she was SUPER strong and faithful. I think her challenges actually made her stronger.

Here's something I learned on my mission about trials and adversity (if you care to know): I met many people with many problems, some brought on by their (and other's) poor choices, and some just given to them, like death and disease. I heard over and over again, "If there is a God, why would this happen...?" They carried with them a lot of resentment and bitterness towards religion. I wondered, "If I were given the same situation, would I be like that? (discouraged, hopeless, and angry) I don't know. It made me sad. Then one day I met an investigator of some elders.

She was in a wheelchair- partially paralized. If I remember right- she had either tried to commit sucide or fallen from a window some stories up and became paralized. (It's been too long, and I didn't write details in my journal) Anyway- I remember that she had had many trials in her life, but was so happy and grateful to God for sparing her life and for the gospel (she had a baptism date). When I met her I thought, "Wait a minute- this lady has more reason to be bitter and resentful than most people, yet she is one of the most faithful, positive people I've met." It was then that I actually realized, even though my dad had told me many times, that we can choose how we react to our challenges in life. I have found a few more people like that throughout the mission and after. They are extraordinary people who have beaten the odds, persevered, becoming people that everyone looks up to.

Clara is one of those extra ordinary people. I will miss her, as will everybody that knew her, but I will always remember her as an amazing person- someone I would like to be like. So, today I'm grateful for her and those extraordinary people in my life.
Click here to view Clara's obituary

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Regular Sunday

How I've recognized the hand of God in my life today:
It was a pretty regular Sunday... went to church (it was good)... then we drove up to Grantsville to see my sister and her hubby's new house and have dinner. We drove the back way- through Goshen, Eureka, and a bunch of other little towns that I never bothered to notice existed. Anyway- I loved the peaceful drive through the country (Mac was asleep- makes a much more peaceful drive). It was beautiful through the snow... the big birds flying over, seeing the old towns... all of that.

Then at my sister's house the kids played with their dog, Sadie... they loved it. They were entertained the whole time. It's such a friendly dog. Andrew tells me often that he wants a dog, but he'll have to settle for visiting Sadie for now. Just thinking about getting a dog makes me feel tired- feeding it, bathing it, cleaning up the doo doo... It's like getting another kid- that doesn't grow up. I'm not quite ready for that- maybe some day. So today I'm grateful for God's creations- the beautiful place we live and the cute little animals that we don't have to take care of :) Sorry it's not an exciting post, but it is what it is.