Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catch Up- Sara's baptism

I have a hard time keeping up on this, just like everything else in my life.  Sometimes I see these blogs of stay at home super moms that must have a caffeine drip going through them intravenously.... all day.  They are super organized, wonderful cooks, homeschool their kids (which sounds a little like torture to me), study their scriptures, magnify their callings, keep healthy and fit, and blog about all of it too- with nice pictures because they are photographers also.  What in the world?!  What's my problem?

Anyway, I was considering quitting the blog thing because I must move in slow motion compared to these super women, and have to prioritize my time.  I asked myself, "Is this worth my time?"  I guess you can see that I decided it was- even if I don't do it often.  I figure it may be of some worth to my children and grandchildren someday, and its better reading than my journals (that I don't keep anymore).  So, I'm sticking with it- for now.

A blessing that I need to catch up on and document is Sara's baptism.  She was baptized in January this year.  She's such a sweet, easy-going girl.  Her dad baptized and confirmed her, Grandma Sue gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, and Grandma Bobby gave a prayer.  I'm glad that she didn't ask me to do something, because I just sat there and boobalooed.  It was such a nice day with all of the family.  On Sunday, Sara even bore her testimony.  I was proud of her because she's like her mama- doesn't like the public speaking thing. :)  

So, this is for Sara- I'm so happy for your determination to do what is right, your easy going demeanor,  your patience with your brothers, and I love you!  You are my blessing of the day.