Friday, February 3, 2017

Will Will

Today I'm grateful for Will Will.  A couple of weeks ago I had one of those days where I felt underappreciated.  You know, people not showing up for appointments that I had set up, appointments that I had really prepared for and put myself out to go to... you know, grrr.   So, that day I said (quietly) to my ward, "Y'all go eat rocks!  I'm going to go spend my time with someone who loves me and with someone who I can actually make a difference with."  So I put all my RS stuff aside that I was planning for the day and spent it with Will. We played with puzzles, read books, did lincoln logs... so nice.  Will is my happy, friendly and funny buddy.   He goes on visits with me, hangs out with me, talks about fish and minecraft, and loves me no matter what (he doesn't always like me though, hehe).  I'm so glad I have such a pleasant kid to keep me company.  It will be sad to have him in school next year.

Here's a cute story about Will.  We had a family night about President Uchdorf's talk about the umbrella.  Basically it's about how God is always showering blessings upon us and we are the ones who put up our umbrella to block the blessings.  I made little rain drops that had blessing written on them and we had situations where we had to decide if the situation was putting up our umbrella or letting it down.  We took turns with the umbrella and with showering blessings on each other's heads.  Will and Mac thought this was great.  Mac understood the lesson, Will didn't really.  So one day Will and I were visiting an elderly sister in our ward.  As we got up to leave we noticed it was starting to rain.  Will yelled, "Blessings!  It's raining blessings!" And we walked out into the falling blessings.  Another day when it was raining he said it again, "Blessings!  Can I go out and get blessings?"  So he did.  He's my little blessing.  I love Will Will.  He's so nice to have around, especially when I get down.

I posted a video clip from Uchdorf's talk

Shower of Heavenly Blessings