Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

How I've recognized the hand of God in my life this week:

This week school started for the Andrew. He was so excited to go to first grade and eat school lunch. (So far that has been the highlight of first grade) Andrew seems to do much better when he is in school. He needs the structure and something to keep his brain busy. Sara is a little sad that she can't go to school yet; on the first day we did school at home, which satisfied her enough.

So here are some of my blessings I recognize:

1. The opportunity my children have for a good education
2. A patient teacher that works so hard and cares for Andrew for so long. (It seems long compaired to Kindergarten)
3. Time to spend with Sara and Mac
4. Peace and Quiet while Mac takes a nap
5. A house that stays cleaner longer- ahh

Andrew on his first day of first grade.

Sara on her first day of school at home with Mom.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bear Lake Pics

Finally posting a few of our Bear Lake pictures!

Mac loved the sand, mud, and water.

James made a pool, and Mac just climbed in on his own and sat for quite a while.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Off the Hook

How I recognized the hand of God in my life today:

A few weeks ago Tavish, who is the ward clerk, told me that they were looking for a new primary pianist, my previous calling. I now play the piano in RS and like it because I get to be in relief society and have an adult lesson. As you know, I also play the organ. So, I thought for sure they wouldn't consider putting me back into primary. As time went on and everyone was turning down the calling, he warned me that they were seriously considering taking me out of RS and back into the primary, pretty much planning on it really. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the primary and playing in primary is a very low stress calling. But- again? I have to admit, I got depressed. I even went into my room and cried. That's dumb I know. I started feeling like a loser wondering why the other pianists in the ward got other callings, but I didn't... I'm only good for one thing... pity potty...

After a few days I felt better about it. I thought about the other callings that the other pianists had. Really and truly I would rather have the piano calling than most of those others, so I decided to appreciate my little skill that gets me out of other callings. I was ready to accept the call willingly- mostly:)

So, today to my surprise they announced that Sis. Morgan was the new primary pianist. She got up in testimony meeting saying that she volunteered for the job because she loves the music and the primary kids! (She's about 80 yrs old) What a sweet lady! I wanted to get up and give her a great big hug. Maybe I will next time I see her :)

So there you go- I got off the hook and get to stay in Relief Society, and she gets out of Relief Society to be with kids where she wants to be (at least that's what she says). What a blessing; I feel so much better.