Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life with kids is never dull

The more time passes, the more I don't want to write on my blog, because I'm too far behind.  But then I thought- Hey it doesn't have to be something  spectacular- right?  I have many things I'd like to post from the past few months, but today I'll start simple.

Today I'm grateful for my kids and the entertainment they provide.  I'm not the most exciting person in the world, so I'm glad I have my husband and kids to liven things up.  For example:

Andrew and Sara were discussing the hauntings in Santaquin.  Their conversation in the car went something like this:
Andrew: Family Tree is haunted.
Sara: Our school is too.
Andrew:  Yea, someone said they saw a Kleenex floating in the air.
Sara: I saw a ghost once in our house- out of the corner of my eye.  She was reading our books.
Andrew (seriously contemplating):  Hmm...  It must have been an angel that was off task.  The angel that is supposed to be guarding you got off task reading our books.

Ha ha- I hope our guardian angels don't get off task when we really need them!

Mac has been the one who has kept me on my toes the most though (besides the baby that wants constant attention- day and night):

One day I walked into the bathroom and caught him peeing in the garbage can.  He looked at me with a guilty look  of  "I've been caught".  I gasped, "What are you doing?!"  "Do you want a red hand print on that bare bum of yours?!"  and he said giggling, "Yea!" so... that's what he got.  He looked at me in shock like that wasn't the red hand print he was expecting.  Not sure what he was thinking he was going to get.   No wonder my bathrooms had been smelling like pee.

Mac also decided to put small legos up his nose too.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I heard screaming, "Mom, get the lego out of my nose!"  We had the tweezers, blowed... for quite a while.  Finally I held down one nostril and told him to blow really hard... and it shot out.  Good- I didn't want to go to the doctor.

He decided to dump out all of the salt and pepper out of the shakers the other day- all over the table and my laptop- luckily it was shut.

He colored on our carpet and window sills downstairs.

Just yesterday he told me that he saw elves watching him.  Yes, it was wonderful!  He tried so hard to obey and help out.  But apparently the elves left, because he decided to throw rocks at our basement window and broke one.  Then he told me that Andrew taught him that... I said, "No he didn't".  Then he said Sara taught him that.  "No she didn't"  Then he said Will taught him that.  Ha ha.  Then he went up stairs and grabbed  one of the No David books and showed me that he did what David did in the book.  Ya- I told him that that book was about David being naughty not nice.  I'm not sure if Mac will make it on the nice list this year.

When I call to Mac from another room, "What are you doing?" and it's something naughty he says, "Don't look at me Mom"--which he just did as I'm writing this, so I better finish this up.

Someday I'm going to look back on these experiences and think they are sooo funny- especially when my grandkids are doing the same thing!

All of that said (and much more that wasn't said), I love my kids.  They are my blessings with creative minds and strong personalities.  There is never a dull moment in our house.
Mac put this sticker on cute little Will.  Will must never be left alone with his brother.