Friday, April 20, 2012

2 More Weeks...

It's no secret how I've been feeling this pregnancy, but despite it I know it's a blessing.  So... before the baby comes and I'm extra busy I thought I'd share a picture of our cute baby.  Yes, I know they all look the same in pictures like this.  I love ultrasound time; it's a time where the baby is a reality and shows us the miracle of life.  It's amazing how complex our bodies are and how it seems to all work out.  After all of my ultrasounds I've always wondered how people could ever say there was no God.  What?!  It's amazing...  I keep trying to remind myself of this blessing when I feel lousy.

One other blessing during this time is definatly the people who have put up with me and helped me... mainly my family (especially Tavish).  Sara likes to write me cards and notes.  Here is one she wrote me when I had one of my many colds that I've had over the past months.  I just thought it was cute.  It's two papers stapled together with tissues inside for me to blow my nose.