Friday, May 27, 2011

Fill a Bucket

I found this book that apparently is fairly popular, but new to me.  This is what its about in a nutshell:  When our invisible bucket is full, we are happy. When it is empty, we are sad.  It teaches us how to fill other's buckets by doing nice things... and in turn filling our own bucket.  I thought it would make a nice family night, since that is something we always need to work on, and it did!  So, here are a couple of  ways people have filled my bucket since I last wrote.  (Parental Warning: some children may inform you that you are dipping from their buckets when you discipline- very annoying)

1.  Easter Morning
Easter Saturday we had an egg hunt with way too much candy.  On Sunday, usually the Easter Bunny brings a little something in the kids' baskets.  Well, as I was lying in bed Sunday morning, I realized that the Easter Bunny didn't come- shoot!  While laying there thinking and worrying, I heard little whispers by my door.  I got up a little later and this is what I found outside my door:  "Holly folloe this trale"... a trail of candy for me that led to.... well, nothing really.

Aww- that filled my bucket- and I didn't hear a word about the Easter Bunny.  Now that makes a mom happy.  Of course, the Easter Bunny surprised us and came while we were at church... during Sunday school.  I know- bad Easter Bunny working during church, but I guess he had to do what he had to do.

2.  Tavish
A couple of weeks ago I went with Sara's class to the Zoo- with my other kids too.  Tavish had to go to a scout camp (He's the new scout master- lucky him, and me).  While the zoo was fun and all, I'll admit that it was totally exhausting to me, plus I wasn't feeling well.  Taking 3 kids by myself wore me out, especially when Mac threw ROYAL fits when we didn't go where he wanted, or when it was time to get off the train and the carousel- embarrassing.  Then going home and getting kids ready for bed... battling... all by myself, it was tiring.  I know some people might be saying: "Waa waa I do that by myself all the time".  I'm sorry.  I really admire those single moms who can do this day in and day out.  They will be blessed.  I'm grateful to have Tavish.  He's one that is very good to help out with the kids.  Through out that day, night, and the next day I kept thinking, "Oh, Tavish would have taken care of that. Tavish would have helped me with that... "  Tavish is a bucket filler.  What a good husband.  I sure appreciate him.  

So here's the thought of the day (if you want one): Go and fill someone's bucket, and be grateful for those who fill yours.  

New Dinosaurs at the Zoo

My little monkey watching the monkeys