Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Three Little Blessings

Once again I've procrastinated writing.  I'm sure few of you really care whether I post or not, but this has been my journal this year, so I should do better.  Anyway, as I ponder my blessings this month, many of my blessings come from the kids.  I've had a few non-blessings too, but maybe they're blessings in disguise :).

So, a little about my 3 little (getting bigger) blessings:

1. Andrew-
It was his birthday this month.  He turned 8 years old; can you believe that?  We spent 4 days in St. George with my parents while Tavish went to scout camp.  Although I love my little children very much, I wasn't about to spend 4-5 days and nights alone with them. :)  We celebrated part of Andy's birthday in St. George, and the other part at home.
This is what I love about Andrew:
He makes life interesting for us all
He's a thinker and always has questions (and answers) for us
He has a desire to be righteous
He stands up for what is right
He's kind to others.  I have a pet peeve with children making fun of and being rude to others and am sooo grateful that Andy tries not to do that.  Ok- there are probably times he does this that I don't see, but from what I see he's nice to others and kind to the under dog.

2. Sara-
A couple of nights ago I was nagging my children to go to bed.  I got after Sara, who was in her room, asking her (not so nicely) why she wasn't in bed.  She said, "I had to organize my clothes".  "GO TO BED!"  is what I said.  So, later that night when she was asleep, I put away some laundry in her room and noticed that her drawers where totally organized- no clothes poking out the top so you can't shut it, just all very neatly folded.  I mean, better that what I would have done.  She even had a pile of clothes that she couldn't fit into anymore ready to take downstairs.  WHAT?!  I can't tell you how happy that made me. I know, that says a lot about me, my house, and my life, but that seriously filled my bucket.  I even had Tavish come and see this miracle that had taken place.  Since when do my children clean and organize just because they want to?   Ahh- isn't it nice to have a girl? :)

3. Mac-
It was Mac's birthday at the end of June.  And guess what present he gave me? ............. drum roll............this tops them all.............. more drum roll.............  He potty trained himself!!!!! I put him in underwear finally (something that I'd been putting off because of past experiences), and that was it.  He tells me when he has to go... pee pee, poo poo, every thing.  WHAT?!  Those who aren't parents yet will some day learn that that is a super great blessing.  I have even said many prayers of gratitude for that one. Before Mac I've been a little jealous of those moms who say it took a day, or a week, or even a month to potty train their children.  I've always thought, "What is my problem then?"  Now I think, "That wasn't my problem, it was my kids' problem!"  So if you happen to be reading this, struggling through potty training just remember that is your kid's problem not yours; just take a break from it and come back when they've decided to solve their problem.

I love my 3 little blessings, my babies,  even though even my youngest isn't a baby anymore.  This one's for you kids :)