Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here are a few blessings from August.  I'm going to try to make this quick :)
1. Andrew's Baptism
Andrew was baptized and confirmed on Aug. 6th.  Wow- that means I'm getting old!  It's hard to see my baby grow up, even though it makes me happy at the same time.  He asked my dad to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, my sister to say a prayer, Tavish to baptize him,  and Tavish's dad to confirm him.  It was a special day- good feeling there.
Porter Family Picture- too bad Dad's eyes are closed

2. 5K
I ran (not sure if ran is the right word here- slowly jogged is more like it) my first official 5K.  Good for me... and everyone that ran with us.  It was fun.

3.  No Brain Tumor
I lost some hearing in May, and it hasn't returned- as many of you may know from my complaints.  I was just sitting quietly at the table (no screaming kids at the time) and  BZZZ- my right ear started ringing.  I had a cold that may have set it off.  Yea- annoying.  So, after many Dr. appointments, hearing tests, steroids, MRI... they found nothing, and it seems to be part of my life now.  Although this is really annoying to me, I'm so glad I don't have a brain tumor (sudden hearing loss can be a sign of a brain tumor- ask my Grandma she knows from personal experience).  I really started worrying and imaging the worst.  Ahh- no tumor, just a brain that apparently looks normal.  I think trials help us empathize with others.  Now I can empathize with people with hearing problems and ringing ears.  I was surprised to learn of how many people in my family had ringing ears.  They just don't complain about it like I do.  I'm trying to accept it, so this is the last you will hear me complain from my ringing ears... maybe.  Just remember that I'm probably not ignoring you if you are quietly speaking to me on my right side, I just can't hear.