Thursday, January 5, 2012


Now, Awesome isn't a word I use too much for some reason, maybe I'm too big of a nerd for that; I don't know.  But, at my parents house there was a book called The Book of Awesome in the bathroom.  It's a book written by a guy who started a blog listing little things that make him or other people happy- awesome things.  There were things like: hitting several green lights in a row, hearing ice crackle in a glass, bubble wrap... and he explains why.  I just kept reading it, laughing... thinking, "Yea, that is pretty cool" (since I don't use the word awesome).  I came home and found his blog:  You will have to read some of it; it makes you see the bright side of life.

Anyway, last night I realized something awesome:  Laying by a 3 year old in his small, uncomfortable bed with his body glued to yours (with a big pregnant belly) then moving to your own comfortable bed after he falls asleep.  Awww- Awesome!  That's what happened to me last night.  It felt so good to get back into my bed and I honestly thought, "That is Awesome.  I just found an Awesome moment."

Blessing of the day: My soft, roomy, cool, bed