Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Photo Book

Last year I made a 2009 family photo book, and liked it so much decided to do it this year.  Photo books are great, because I'm not a scrapbooker and not good at printing and organizing all of our pictures.  I make my photobooks from a company called Winkflash because they have this deal where you can get a 100pg book for the price of the 20 pg book- oh yeah!  I love good deals.  Of course, it isn't the best site with all the really cute backgrounds... but I'm too impatient and indecisive for that anyway.  Alright- I'm sure you, (all 5 of you who might read this) don't really care about all of that, so I'll get to the point.

The point is... my photo book is a book of blessings.  Through keeping a journal, photo journal or regular, we really can see the blessings we have.  I'm not sure that makes sense.  But as I went through all the pictures and organized it, I kept thinking, "That was so fun, my kids are so cute, I love my family..."  Now, I know that all those times in the pictures (the vacations, events...) weren't totally full of  fun.  I know there were many frustrations, hard work, sleepless nights, and naughty kids in there, but I didn't really think of them, just the good times.  I went through my book and was grateful for our family, the places we get to go, the experiences we get to have,  and just how blessed we are.  It makes me want to make the most of this coming year too.  (I went through my mission pictures for a RS activity we're having, and the same thing happened to me.)

So- If you're having a bad day and having a hard time recognizing your blessings, take a look at your old pictures and journals.  I bet it will help you recognize your blessings :)