Monday, January 24, 2011

R.I.P. Onyx

Once again, rather than cleaning and organizing our disorganized mess while Mac is asleep, I'm writing a blog.  I just had to document one more blessing that happened a few weeks ago.  It was a blessing amid a trial.

We had a little black cat named Onyx.  We got him from a neighbor who moved about 4 years ago.  Onyx was old and slow, but very sweet and gentle.  He put up with kids holding him by the hair (or the tail), throwing him off the porch, laying on him, hugging him (really tight), giving him rides in tonka trucks, spraying him with water... about everything.  So, one very cold morning I thought that I had better check on the cat and give him water that wasn't frozen.  I went outside and he could barely move and had a broken leg.  He was suffering and would barely even open his eyes.  Can I tell you how upsetting this was to me?  I really, really, hate seeing animals (or people) suffer.  I was so upset I even swore... under my breath... to myself...twice.  Then I cried and cried... all day.   I knew it was time to put him to sleep.  This was one of those moments that I had been dreading.  I had always hoped that Tavish would be home when the cat died...  I didn't want to be the one responsible for ending his life, but I also can't let an animal suffer.  (The kids were taking this a lot better than I was, by the way)

 That was the trial, this is the blessing:

My mother-in-law was coming over that day to pick up Sara to play with her cousin.  They were going to play the day before, but we changed it.  It was a really snowy day, and I was contemplating going out with my bad tires and all the kids to go put the cat to sleep.  Doesn't that sound fun?  My mother-in-law came over in her all-wheel-drive car with studded snow tires and told me that she would take the cat in to be put to sleep.  I would never ever ask anyone to do that for me, "By the way, will you go kill our cat for us?"  But I debated for a while in my mind and finally consented.   I didn't know if I could really do it, and I didn't want to get in a wreck on the way.  She took the cat to the animal shelter for me.  I can't tell you how relieved I was.  What a great lady; I know it wasn't something she wanted to do, but she did it anyway because that's how she is.  Thank you Grandma Bobby, you are my blessing for the day... for the month.... always.

PS- Onyx, please forgive us for our cruel ways.  We'll do better with our next pet, if we ever get one.  And... sorry we are such bad owners that we don't even have a picture of you.  That one above will have to do.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Christmas Carol

Darn, I hate it when I wait so long between blogs.  I sit here and try to think of ways that I've been blessed during the time I haven't written, and there is just too much.  So- here is one of the many things I'm grateful this past month.

The first week in December I gave a lesson in Relief Society (that freaked me out as usual) about how to have the spirit of Christ over the holidays and throughout the year.  That made me think about keeping the true Christmas spirit in our home.  I thought about it, but didn't do too much about it (hypocrite).  I feel like Christmas just snuck up on me.  We were so busy finishing our basement, , going to parties, baking, making peanut brittle, eating peanut brittle ... that I just wasn't feeling much more than exhaustion (and fullness).   I finally felt that true spirit of Christmas when we went to a play with the in laws. (It also helped not having the kids with us, so I could feel the peace :)
We went to The Christmas Carol.  I've seen the play before, watched the movies, heard the story... many times.  But this time I really liked it. (The music was good too)  I realized what a good story it really is- that it truly  illustrates the spirit of Christmas and what it's about, even if it doesn't directly mention Christ.  It's a story of repentance.  Is that not what Christ is all about?  It made me think how lucky we are to have the chance to repent and become better.  So, that's what I've been grateful for this past month- repentance.

  I love starting a new year too; I feel like it's a new start- a time to repent and do better.  I know we really get a new start every week in sacrament meeting, but I like looking back on the year- what we did or didn't accomplish- and make new resolutions for the next year. We accomplished about 1/2 of our family and personal goals this year.  Slackers?  Yes.  But I figure making the goals helps us accomplish more than if we hadn't made the goals at all.  Time to repent and do a little better this year.

Happy new year and may God Bless Us Everyone!
(Getting cheesy, time for bed.  Goodnight)