Sunday, January 18, 2015

Share the Gift

This December for a family home evening we decided to Share the Gift.  I liked how the church focused on sharing the first gift of Christmas, which was Christ.  So, since we have plenty of material gifts for Christmas, I figured this was something we all needed to share a bit more of.  Did we do it?  Well, we tried.  I'm only a month late in posting this, but here it is:
Will shared the gift by making people happy.  He's a fun and cheerful little person and makes everyone happy.

Mac wanted to share the gift by giving someone a present, because that makes people happy he says.  Mac loves presents and giving people presents.

Sara wanted to share the gift by reading her scriptures every day because that's what we we're commanded to do.

Andrew wanted to share the gift by loving as Christ loves.  He says because that's what we should do even though it is hard.

I wanted to share the gift by remembering  that everyone is a child of God.  If I remember that, I have more patience and more compassion toward others, even strangers.

This next person wanted to remain anonymous.  He wanted to share the gift by doing unexpected service, which he always does anyway.  He serves so much, it's almost expected of him by a demanding wife :)

Now, I don't post this to say to everyone, "We are awesome, look at all the good things we say we do."  I post this to say, "We were given the best gift ever, why not share it?"  So, those are some of our goals, not just for the holidays but forever.  Whether we do it or not is up to us.   The gift of Christ is definitely the greatest blessing ever.  Merry Christmas! (a month late)