Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blessings of 2016

So, should I just write in this once a year?  I'm such a slacker.  But... since the year is over, I should document some ways I've seen the hand of the Lord in my life this past year.

January 2016- Went to the temple for the first time for my own family- already documented.  This was also the month that I found Baldwin Morris and Eleanor Richardson Morris's parents' names.  I say I found them, but it really wasn't me.  Heidi went to Nauvoo, brought back family records, and they were on the Nauvoo baptism temple records.  I'm fairly certain I've found a bunch of the Richardson family, but have no direct proof- yet.  It has been pretty exciting, because I can only imagine how many descendants have searched for these people.  I'm sure I will find more info about them with time.

February 2016- Went to roots tech- our favorite class was taught by Wendy Nelson and Sheri Dew- super great women.  Andy and Sara went too and learned how to find cousins on family search. When we came home Andrew wanted to try and find names.  I was a little nervous and explained that sometimes it isn't as quick and easy as the guy teaching the class made it seem.  I didn't want him to try a little and give up, which is what he tends to do.  We found a family within 1/2 hr... a family with more info about their lives than you usually get.  I was surprised and Andrew said, "I'm not surprised, Wendy Nelson said if they are ready they will be easy to find."  There you go, they were ready and we've had fun doing the work for them.

March 2016- I don't remember.  This is the problem of only writing once a year.

April 2016- We went to St. George for spring break.  My parents are always a blessing to me.  We are so happy to have them home.

May 2016- once again- who knows?

June- August 2016- being with the family for summer.  We went to Bear Lake with the Burnahs and the Porters, missed grandma Bobby and grandpa Art, went to the cabin, went to Yellowstone with my parents and Heidi- beautiful and amazing place!  And the biggest challenge and blessing for me this year was that I got called to be RS president.

 I will have to write more posts about that one.  You think of a RS president as someone who has it all together, no fear, always knows what to say, confident, the appearance of perfection... but that's not me.  This has been the most humbling calling I've had since my mission.  But, it has caused me to rely on the Lord like I never have before in a calling (besides the mission).  I need His help sooo bad.  I feel like all my weaknesses are out on display.  Really, God must have a sense of humor.  I can only imagine how entertaining it is to see me squirm.  It's like he was thinking, 'Who would be the MOST uncomfortable doing this, but will say yes?  Oh, yeah, Holly Burnah- this will be so funny.'  Its a heavy duty calling which comes with a huge weight on the shoulders.  This is not a calling for the weak, haha, which is my problem.   I've always thought of every calling as equal, of equal importance, and they are, but they are NOT all equal in difficulty and time.  I feel like I'm going through a refiners fire big time.  I deal with lots of people (women, in particular- which can be wonderful or super frustrating) with lots of serious issues.  I have to be in charge, in front of people (I hate attention so bad), feel the judgments of others, and get a lot of assignments and promptings that I don't want to do.  The struggle is real.  I feel like I'm in a constant battle to overcome my weaknesses (especially my fear of man) to do this the way the Lord wants.  Plus, I, on many occasions, lose sleep over worries and ideas.   So, that's the gist of the difficulty of it; I could give many specific examples.  I actually could go on a ranting rampage complaining, but... there are also HUGE blessings to it that  I can't deny and that I'm so grateful for.

Blessings- I study the scriptures and gospel way more and better than I did before, I pray more, and I'm guided more.  I have the opportunity to serve- a lot!  I am becoming less judgmental and realize my blessings more.  God helps me.  So many times I've been stuck not knowing what to do, how to help, without help that I need... and then the help comes; a tender mercy.  "When we are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to his help" -Thomas S. Monson.  And, holy smokes, its true!  I'm getting to know lots of good people. My councilors are super helpful and wonderful.  Tavish has stepped it up when it comes to the family.  He's always stepped it up, but he's helped take care of the kids even more and fully supported me.  How hard would this be without his support?  The kids have supported me too.  We have had an increase of spirituality in our home, which is a blessing for us all.

Ok, so now on to one more blessing to our family this year- Grandpa and Grandma serving a mission.  As much as we hate to have them gone, we are blessed and so are they.  Their letters are uplifting and entertaining.  What a great example they are to our kids.  They love to hear from them and write them letters.  Missionary families are blessed.  Ya Hoo!

There ya go- from a slacker trying to recognize the had of the Lord in her life

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