Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Superhero Grandpa Dale

Last week we got a scary letter from my mom.  She told of an experience my dad had. I think I'm just going to copy it here:

Dear kids I wanted to tell you something that happened to your dad yesterday afternoon. Don't worry all turned out well but here is the story. It is almost unbelievable. Your dad stopped at a red light coming home from paying a bill. He was in his car. His doors were unlocked and a juvenile about 16 or 17 climbed into the back seat and put a gun to your dad's head and made him drive to a place that was a little rough. He gave him his money and his GPS and His phone. Take the stuff and go but he did not. He climbed into the front seat and put the gun to dad's head and said there is one bullet in this gun lets shoot it and see if the one will come up and kill you. So the boy calked it and shot but click then he did it again and Dad decided when he heard the click again he was going to fight. Well he pulled the trigger again and click. Dad grabbed his hand that had the gun and pinned the boy's arm with the gun so he could not use it. He held the boy's arm for a long time. The boy kicked and they had quite a tussle. The boy broke the front window and cut his knee a bit but dad still held him. He finally dropped the gun and dad picked it up. The boy yelled it has no bullets. He was screaming the whole time they were fighting. Dad was stronger. They both got out of the car. While they were struggling dad called out to the people around call the police but they just all went into their houses. One car pulled up and looked inside and smiled and went on his way. One woman finally called. The boy got out of the car and wanted his gun back. Dad said no way and the boy picked up a big rock which he could barely hold and said he was going to bash his head in. The police came around the corner he saw them and turned to run and then there was another police car on the other side. They subdued him and took him in. Dad spent 4 hours filling out papers at the police office. He has to go to court on February 25th. The boy said no one is going to help you here and he was right. I think the neighbors all knew him. but thank goodness one lady had the guts to call and she then warned the boy to get out and not hurt dad or things would go bad for him. She told him the police were on their way. but he wanted the gun back so bad that he didn't heed her. Dad said there were about 10 police there. four surrounded the boy and the others kept an eye out for neighbors who might be give them trouble.  So that is most of the story. He kept saying he was going to kill dad. Dad said he was not scared he said it seemed like a dream. He was calm. The robber didn't like that so he tried to scare him other ways. Dad has a little mark on his cheek because of the fight but it is hardly noticeable. I told heavenly father I would not pick at the stupid things that dad did ever again. I am human so I will probably forget and be annoyed again but for now the whole situation scared me and made me realize how much I loved your dad. I think what could of happened and I thank my Heavenly Father for sparing your dad. I just wanted you to know we are both fine and we both feel protected and we feel great. So maybe I should not have written to you all but I think it is better that you do. I know you will see how brave your dad is and he stayed calm the whole time. I think that is what made the kid so mad. It is amazing that such a thing could happen. People get so desperate and this boy was just plain mean. Well I love and miss you all. Your dad truly is a great man with much strength and honor. He just wanted to beat the kid but he restrained himself. I wish I had that much mastery over my self. I just don't and loose it when I get stressed. Well I love you all. Don't worry we are great. I respect your dad a great deal and I am so thrilled that I have him here with me. Take care. I love you all mom

Of course reading this letter was just scary.  I felt so upset and sick to my stomach, followed by lots of anger.  How dare someone try to hurt my dad!  Followed by, My Dad is AWESOME!

 Life is so fragile.  Experiences like this help you remember what is really important in life.  After I read the letter I didn't care about the trivial things, just grateful that my parents are alive and for all they have done for me. My dad always has been an example to us as someone who can remain calm in the most stressful situations.  I have no doubt that the Holy Ghost was guiding him and helping him remain calm.  Our blessing of the week!  They have 2 weeks left, please come home safe!

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